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Insurance Restoration After Storm Damage

Your insurance carrier has trained professionals representing them. Do you? You shouldn’t have to settle your insurance claim for less than you deserve. Find out how joining with an Corral Contractor professional can help you get the storm damage restoration benefits you are entitled to.

Most insurance policies have a time limit on when you can file your claim. Get started today and avoid losing your benefits to procrastination.

How our residential roofing services are different from others?

f you had hail or high winds in your neighborhood, call us! You want us to be present when the adjuster comes out to do his/her inspection. It is your legal right to have a professional represent you during the inspection. Do not rely on only your adjuster’s inspection. The adjuster works for and is paid by the insurance company. You need an Corral Contractor professional working for you.

I don’t see any damage. Why should I be concerned?

Hail damage can be difficult to see. You usually will not see holes or indentations in the roof. Hail will drastically shorten the life of your roof. There are many roofing contractors that do not know what to look for when it comes to hail damage.

If you have damaged siding or vehicles or have noticed neighbors getting their roofs replaced, more than likely you have hail or wind damage as well.

Understanding Hail Damage

Hail damage, even if not visible from the ground, can dramatically reduce the life of your roof shingles. Hail normally has to be the size of a golf ball before it will break the fiberglass mat of the shingle. If hail is driven by high winds or if it lasts longer than a few minutes, even small-sized hail can cause your roof to suffer severe damage and the loss of their protective granules. Loss of granules will leave the asphalt

in the shingles exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This will cause rapid deterioration of the shingle in a short period of time.

Understanding Wind Damage

Wind damage can present itself in the most obvious way – missing shingles and siding – which will immediately allow water to begin damaging the home. However, there are other less obvious signs of damage from wind. Shingles have a self-sealant that keeps them laying flat and secure on the roof. If the heavy wind lifts the shingles and breaks this seal, weakening the roof, an older shingle will not reseal itself and continue to crease and allow wind-driven rain to penetrate the roof with even modest winds and possibly have a catastrophic failure during the next heavy rain and wind storm, causing thousands of dollars of additional damage that can be prevented.

An inspection by one of our trained employees can verify if there is damage, the extent of your damage and provide guidance on whether your roof should be repaired or replaced. You need a professional working on your side.

Will my rates increase if I file a roofing claim?

You should not be penalized for filing a claim. Rate increases for Homeowners policies are based on your geographic location. If your home is in an area that has sustained substantial storm damage, your rates may increase even if you do not file a claim. Don’t let the fear of a rate increase stop you from taking the action needed to repair and protect your home.

My insurance adjuster said, “No damage.”

It is possible that your roof was the only one on the block that wasn’t damaged. And it is also possible that the adjuster is new and missed identifying the damage. You are entitled to a re-inspection by another adjuster within the same firm. So if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of your claim, don’t settle. Ask for another inspection. Let us work for you in getting what you deserve.


Most occur when the adjuster has not assessed the same amount of damage as the contractor, whether it is for the roof, gutters, siding or other exterior or interior damage. When a claim is filed for a specific item such as the roof, the adjuster will probably miss other items that should be covered due to the same storm damage. This is another reason that you need us to represent you and ensure a complete inspection is performed.

You are entitled to have your contractor of choice represent you during the adjustment process to expedite the settlement of your claim. In order to save you time off from work and the headache of the entire process, we ask that you allow us to represent you during the inspection process. We will work with your adjuster to determine the extent of the damage, clarify pricing and offer a repair price agreeable to the insurance company. All you pay is your deductible. Let us work for you in getting a fair and amicable settlement.

I’ve heard companies say I don’t have to pay my deductible.

You are not allowed to profit from a loss. Insurance fraud is a class 3 felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $5,000! As in any industry, there are predator companies that will bend and

break every rule laid out in order to maximize profits. Insurance companies are now auditing one out of every three claims. If you profit in any way from your insurance claim (such as not paying your deductible or pocketing any insurance money) you (and possibly your contractor) are committing fraud. Your paperwork from the insurance company clearly states what laws apply to your claim, so there is no “I didn’t know” excuse.

Do I need to get two or more estimates for my roof?

Think of it this way. What reward will the insurance company give you for finding the lowest price for them? It is much more important to identify the correct scope of work and products needed to meet code requirements and protect your home.

Your insurance company will pay a reputable contractor only “fair market price.” Our staff understands this and ensure we fight for the proper compensation to cover the storm damage restoration you need and deserve. All you pay is the deductible amount and any roofing upgrades you request, regardless of the price – so why not get the best roof, siding or gutter job possible?

Here are some of the residential roofing services:

Roof Replacement

Replacement of your roof can have a significant impact on your property and nurture the look of your home as well. We have a team on whom you can trust, and at the same time, they can deliver you the work on time as well as a budget that you might be having.

Roof Repair

It is quite essential to get the residential roof repair fixed in a right way, and our team can get the problem fixed properly and thus prevent the challenges to come back again.

Single Roofs

We repair, install as well as replace the asphalt shingle roofs such that you end up having a beautiful look of your property. We provide a wide category of styles as well as colors which may suit as per the need that you might be having.

Brand New Roof Installation

We will ensure that the roof is installed correctly such that it looks great and at the same time give your family the protection from wind, snow, rain, cold and heat.

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